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Mjelvahammern Hoved

Topo 1
1Testosteron70m1987Grim Gjeldvik
2Slakt7+0m1988Halvor Hagen
3Tarzan7-/70m1978Hans Chr. Doseth
4Psykodrops8-/80m1992Halvor Hagen
5Stol på bolten7-/70m1980Hans Chr. Doseth
6Seksuelt overførbar7-/70m1989Leif Håvard Kvanne
7Antikristian70m1991Gløer Thorén
8Hengende kamin5+0m1968J.Greenwood, Tony Howard og Bil Tweedale
9Tigerhalen70m1968Masakazu Fujiwara og Masahiro Nakashima
10Tigersvaet60m1977Hans Chr. Doseth og Børge Østigård
12Hull i bakken8+0m1991Per Hustad
13Uten navn r139-0m2004Sindre Sæther
14Moments of Magic7+/8-0m1986Cato Fostervold
15FUSJON9-/90m0Sindre Sæther
16Ultravold8+/9-0m1992Halvor Hagen
17Skinn og bein9-0m1990Halvor Hagen
18Hull i himmelen8+0m1988Halvor Hagen
19Som ville hester over alle hauger8+/9-0m1995Halvor Hagen
20Nedenom og hjem9-/90m1992Halvor Hagen
21Hardkokt speider80m1989Halvor Hagen
22Vårkåt7+/8-0m1987Grim Gjeldvik
23Rauma 10007/7+0m1990Grim Gjeldvik
28Rigor Mortis6-0m0
29Liv og død7+/8-0m1992Skjalg Woldstad
30Gummi er bare for pyser7+0m1987Grim Gjeldvik
31Stakkars lille rike pike5+0m0



In the hillside behind "Steinen" you find Mjelvahammeren.



Park your car as showes on the map. Follow the track from the bus stop. Close to the little stream the track splits, continue on the track that goes uphill. After a couple hundered meters you will come to a broken ladder. Climb the ladder to enter the crag.



Because of the elevation of the crag, be awre that falling before the first bolt can get serious consequenses. On most of the exposed route you are able to clip the bolt before you have started to climb. The approach goes below the crag, so be aware that dropped objects may cause danger for people walking up.